The Soaring Eagle

Only your body is limited. Your spirit can 'mount up on wings like eagles'

Father Almighty

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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

(Genesis 1:1)


Our vision of God is vital to our relationship with Him. John Stott has said that

The contemporary church seems to have little understanding of the greatness of Jesus Christ as Lord of creation and Lord of the church, before whom our place is on our faces in the dust. …. It seems to me that our greatest need today is an enlarged vision of Jesus Christ.

 Scripture portrays the greatness of God in two breathtaking and related ways – Majesty and Intimacy.

  In Genesis chapter one God is seen as the One who brings the wonder and beauty of creation into existence at a word, by expressing His will. It is a powerful, creative and invincible word that “will not return to Me empty but accomplish what I desire.” (Isaiah 55:11) Here is the picture of absolute and glorious Majesty. It is joined in Genesis Chapter two with the sight of God forming man, breathing His life into man and having conversation with man. Majesty is joined with gentle Intimacy.

 Again in the account of Elijah fleeing from the threats of Jezebel, after destroying the prophets of Baal, God appears in a similar way. He displays His power in ‘a great and powerful wind’ that ‘tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks,’ in an earthquake and in a fire. After that majestic display He came to Elijah in ‘a gentle whisper.’ It was another moment of overwhelming Majesty followed by embracing Intimacy.

 During the ministry of Jesus the same attributes are demonstrated. Jesus exercised His power in a majestic way when, for example, He healed at a word, stilled the storm on the lake by a word and raised Lazarus from the dead by a word of command. There were also numerous accounts of gentle forgiveness, compassion and understanding as He dealt with people individually – the woman at the well, the sinful woman who anointed His feet, the woman caught in adultery and many others.

 Our God is the God Almighty of absolute power, magnificent majesty and awesome holiness. He said to Moses that no one could see His face and live. He is also the God of sacrificial and unending love – a love beyond anything that we could imagine or grasp. We get a glimpse of it in the horror of the Cross as Jesus suffered and died in our place. Even that we do not properly understand because we have such a limited understanding of the dreadfulness of sin and its affect upon us.

 On the one hand we dare not treat God lightly or dismissively or take Him for granted. On the other this Mighty God holds out to us His heart and hands of love as He calls us to come to Him – as a child to a father – to be forgiven, restored, renewed, loved and cherished and to discover new heights and depths in the most wonderful of all relationships.

 Truly, our God is an awesome God. And He offers Himself to us to be worshipped, loved, trusted, obeyed and enjoyed.


Think prayerfully on these things.


Lord God, make me more and more aware of the wonder of Your glory and Your love – and draw me deeper into relationship with You. Amen.



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