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Loved by God

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“I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.”

(Psalm 116:1)


Some years ago during a church service I shared a number of prophetic words with the congregation. One was just the Christian name of one of the young woman who was present. At the end of the service she came up for prayer in floods of tears. When I asked her what the problem was she replied, “Nothing. It’s just so wonderful. God knows my name!”

 God knows my name. In other words God knows who I am and all about me. There are many people around who have heard the teaching about God’s love for all humankind but who have a terrible little fear inside them that somehow they fall outside of God’s knowledge, acceptance and love. That evening one person’s fear was set aside and she left with a new spring in her step, sparkle in her eyes and smile on her lips. She was known to God – she was not a nobody but a child of her heavenly Father. In fact, as the daughter of the King, she was a princess! What a difference.

 The Psalmist is sharing much the same excitement with us. He had felt as if he had been bound with the cords of death itself and was been dragged helplessly down to the grave – the place of the lost and outcast. Overcome by his trouble and sorrow he had called out ‘O Lord, save me!’ To his delight and wonder God had heard his cry and intervened to save him from a terrible spiritual death – and to restore him to life and a relationship with God. Because of this he could say, ‘I love the Lord’ who had showed the reality of His love and power in the reality of this man’s life in the reality of his need.

 Nothing can quite compare with an experience of God’s loving answer to our prayers – especially when troubles loom or all seems lost. It is not just the satisfaction of a request granted but the wonderful assurance that we are known to God, heard by God and that He has smiled on us with His response and involvement in our life and situation.


Reflect on the wonderful meaning of prayers answered – and remember Jesus did teach us to “Ask.”


Almighty Father, thank you so much that You know me, love me and care about me and my situation. I love You Lord. Amen.





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