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Lost Sheep

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“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?”

(Luke 15:4)


This parable is of a lost sheep and the Shepherd who leaves all the others so that He can seek and find the one that is lost. He then carries it home again and calls the people to come and celebrate with Him – “Rejoice with Me, because I have found My lost sheep.” As a picture of the Lord’s awareness of us, and the personal ministry that He seeks to exercise to each one all the time, it is almost breath-taking.

 There is another and deeper aspect to it. All of us, as we allow Christ to find us and take us on the homeward journey with Him, will find that there are areas of our lives that are not yet in submission to Him. Some we will know from the beginning, others might be revealed as we draw closer to the Light of God. It is as if we ourselves are made up of ‘a flock of sheep’ in our characters. Every now and then one or more of them might wander off by themselves and, in doing so, cause us distress and heartache as we battle with the emotions, guilt and even shame that might result. Sometimes the ‘sheep’ are easily brought back whilst at other times it is more difficult as they represent habits, weaknesses, bondages and fear.

 There is no true peace for us whilst these parts of our lives remain untransformed by the love and grace of God. He is aware of them, seeks to heal and purify them and lead them into true submission to Him. We must allow Him to by continuing to bring them to Him ourselves and praying for His forgiveness, healing, strength and self-control – no matter how long it takes. He will respond.


Sit quietly before the Lord.  Ask Him to reveal the areas in your life that He wants to address and heal.


Lord, fill every part of me with Your light and love and holiness, for Jesus sake, Amen.



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