The Soaring Eagle

Only your body is limited. Your spirit can 'mount up on wings like eagles'

Found by Christ 1 – Mary

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“Then the disciples went back to their homes,
but Mary stood outside the tomb crying”

(John 20:10-11)

Having found the tomb empty, in which Jesus had been laid, Mary Magdalene rushed off to give Peter and John the news. They both ran to the tomb and after seeing it for themselves ‘they went back to their homes.’ Mary however remained and ‘stood outside the tomb crying.’

It is a very real picture. And, as she stood there weeping out her grief and the pain of not being able to care for His battered body, Jesus found her and came to her. Blinded by her tears she did not at first recognise Him. And then He spoke her name!

It is very easy when we are in pain and distress to be totally focussed on the problem, or on the way that we feel. We can forget to turn to the Lord for help or fail to look for His presence. Yet He is true to His promise to be with us always – it’s just that we don’t always see or recognise Him. So He has to get our attention – even when we are sometimes so busy calling out to Him for help!

In this turbulent world in which we live it can be hard to discern the hand of God in the affairs of nations. Yet I have been aware of His gentle intimacy at work in my own life and situation – and have heard the same testimony from many others. Apart from the personal blessing it is also a reminder that the Risen Lord is still at work in His world and amongst His people.

He has found you. Develop the habit of talking to Him throughout the day – and pause to be aware of Him.


Lord You are closer to us than breathing and nearer than hands and feet. Help me please to know it and trust in You. Amen.





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