The Soaring Eagle

Only your body is limited. Your spirit can 'mount up on wings like eagles'

Come in Lord

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“Christ in you, the hope of glory”

(Colossians 1:27)


The Christian hope is not in ‘a pie in the sky when you die!’ It is in a living God in the here and now. It is not in a selection process where we might be fortunate enough to pass. It is in a living relationship which begins here and now and goes on for all eternity. It is not something that we earn but a gracious gift from a loving God to unworthy people whom He loves. What is more, and unlike human gifts, skills, abilities and opportunities, the only thing in this world which is made available to every person is Christ Himself.

 Our hope for the life to come, and for a new life here and now, rests solely in and upon Jesus Christ and His saving work on our behalf. We have this firm hope and trust because through the Holy Spirit the Lord Jesus now lives in our lives as Christians. To be ‘in Christ’ is to have Christ in us. Our ‘hope of glory’ is in the astonishing truth that the Spirit of Christ has entered into our lives and engaged there with our spirits – and has no intention of leaving!

 Now here this! If you are a Christian then God lives within you. No matter how little you may be aware of Him, He is there. The only limits on your relationship with Him are the limits that you have consciously, unconsciously of through lack of awareness imposed. If you see your inner life as a house made up of many rooms then you may have allowed Him into some areas but not others. So He stands outside some of your doors knocking and waiting for you to invite Him in. As He enters more deeply into our lives He is able to bring about a greater transformation.


Prayerfully consider your ‘house.’ Then invite Him in to some of the dark areas. He will come in with love, light and life. Keep offering these areas to Him. Feed on Him in Scripture, Prayer and Stillness.


Lord Jesus, thank You for Your love and sacrifice – for me. Help me to believe that You are truly in me. I am nervous about inviting You into some areas of my life because of what is there, and also because I want to keep control. Please keep nudging me – I do know it is for the best. Amen.



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