Keep Praying

2015.05.04“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable
to show them that they should
always pray and not give up.”

(Luke 18:1)

The prayers that are important to us are the ones that we will keep at until there is an answer. The ongoing process teaches us that we really do care about the particular situation. It also shows us how much we need God to become involved and draws us into a deeper involvement with Him. These persevering prayers don’t wear Him down, they show us the truth about ourselves and our relationship with Him.

This does not mean that God will only answer our prayers after a certain number of passionate requests. There have been times when He has answered my request in a startling manner before the prayer has been completed. There have been other times when the prayer has developed as He has led me into the correct prayer. At other times perseverance has been necessary. He decides in each case, not me.

More than once He has given me a person to pray for where I have no way of knowing what difference it is making, or has made, in that person’s life. In one case it was many years before He suddenly told me that I could stop. In another, He seemed to tell me that I might be the only person in the world praying for an individual. He entrusted me with holding to Him a particular person He loves and cares about very much – so I persevere.

Whether for ourselves, others, or for our church, nation and world affairs, prayer is vital. It acknowledges God, re-affirms to us our need for Him, asks Him to become involved and transform things from the ways of the world into His ways, and brings glory to Him. In each case we should be saying to Him, in one way or another, ‘Hallowed be Your name, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.”

Pray without ceasing and do ‘not give up.’

Ask God for help in what to pray for and for what to pray – and keep at it.


Father, I know that Your ways are the best, even when I do want things my way. Please help me to trust Your love and truth, and always to seek Your will in prayer. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.