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I want to see

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“Lord, I want to see”
(Luke 18:41)

All of our lives we have looked out from the shell of our existence at the world around us. We have seen what goes on in our immediate vicinity. We have also read, heard and seen images of some of the things taking place further away. We have experienced joy and pain, success and failure, acceptance and rejection. And whether we are aware of it or not we are conditioned by what we see, hear and experience. Much of it is a diet that is chosen for us by others and fed to us through their words and actions, and the news reports that we see, read and hear.

This man sitting by the side of the road begging had also been conditioned by his experiences. He had a perception of the world in which he lived but was blind to much of its reality. His whole vision was starved of the complete picture. Then he met Jesus and asked Him to set him free from his blindness so that he could see for himself.

The first thing that he saw as his eyes were healed was the Lord Jesus Himself. Such was the impact upon him of his sight and the face of the Lord that he “followed Jesus praising God.” From then on he would have looked at his world in a completely new way.

We too can be imprisoned by our inherited view if the world. We take much of it for granted and value some of what it has to offer. But it is only when we catch a vision of the Lord that we have a better and truer appreciation of things as they really are. Seen in the Light of the beauty, glory and majesty of the Lord the things and ways of the world lose much of their value and significance.

Scripture paints a picture of the revelation of God – but it is the Holy Spirit who makes that revelation, and the God of the revelation, alive and vibrant for us. Like the blind beggar we must want to see more and more – and to find it in the face and life of the Lord.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the wonder and glory of the Lord in a new and deeper way.


Lord, please protect me from being blinded by the things and ways of the world. Open my eyes to Your wonder, beauty and glory. And help me to see more clearly in the Light You shine upon the world. Amen.



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