My Silent Night


“For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given”

(Isaiah 9:6)

The waiting was almost over. It would have been a long journey for Mary and Joseph. Now within the next few days they would see the son who was both Mary’s child and the Son of God. It was one thing to have the life within her – it would be completely different for both of them to hold the living reality in their arms.

Out on the hillsides around the town the shepherds were unaware of the event about to take place, and of their own part in it. Life went on as usual – just sheep, sheep and more sheep. In the town itself there were the crowds milling about as they prepared for the census ordered by Caesar. No other king was on their radar. Most of them would go home again unaware of just how close they had been to the Son of God – even if they did hear the stories to be told by the shepherds. They would have missed something so special.

Pause tonight, or in the early hours of the morning. Look out of your window into the darkened heavens. Be still for a while in your own silent night and listen to the faint echoes of history. Somewhere tonight a child is born. Somewhere tonight a saddened soul holds out desperate arms towards a Saviour and is found. Somewhere tonight someone may hear the faint murmur of the angel’s song again – and let it settle quietly within. Somewhere tonight someone will be wrapped in love in the speaking silence of God’s presence. Somewhere tonight there is a blessing for someone who does watch and wait – quietly, trustingly and peacefully.


Lord I enter into Your stillness – please enter into mine. Amen.



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