Let it go


“No one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back
is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”
(Luke 9:62)

There are some things that might tempt us to look back once we become Christians.

One is the things that we have left behind us. These might be associations, activities and types of behaviour that we enjoyed or allowed at the time. As pleasurable as they might have seemed, if they are not acceptable as part of our Christian lives, they should be avoided at all costs. To dwell upon them is to make us vulnerable.

Something else that might cause us to look back is the guilt associated with some of our past actions and activities. If we have sincerely confessed the sin involved to the Lord, asked Him for His forgiveness and prayed for His help in avoiding such things in the future, then we have to trust Him that He has in fact forgiven us and cleansed us from that sin and the stain upon our lives.

In both cases we need to consciously realise that these are things that belong to the old life that we have left behind us, and that we have no right to drag them along with us into the new. They tend to take our focus off the Lord, which is where it should be, and to act as a hindrance in our lives. In a spiritual sense we are indeed a new creation and should instead be exploring the ‘beauty of holiness’ – this new life and way of living which belongs only to our Lord.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus – and keep them there, even if you fall.


Lord Jesus, please help me to leave the yesterdays of my life behind me and to walk with You through all my todays and into the tomorrow which is quite secure and safe in Your hands. Amen.