My Friend


“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you”
(John 15:15)

A servant is there to do a job. A friend is a companion on the journey of life. Someone to walk with, share with, think with, argue with, laugh with, cry with, work with, play with, be silent with, trust and enjoy, and on whom to depend.

One of the greatest complements that one can pay to another person is to say of them, “They are my best friend.” It is not automatic with siblings and spouses – but it can be. Not everyone has such a friend, but where they do it is a very special relationship.

Jesus is sharing something remarkably significant and special with us here. He wants us to be His friends. He not only wishes to share His eternal life’s journey with us – He also wishes to share everything that He has, and will have, with us. This includes the beautiful and heart-lifting truths that He has received from the Father. Nothing is to be withheld from us in this relationship.

As He walked the hills and valleys and dusty roads, and sailed the stormy seas, with His disciples – so He wishes to travel with us. As He sat with them in the evening, watching the sunset over the hills and talking about the day – so He wishes to sit with us. As He listened to them so He will listen to us. As He shared Himself and His truth with them so He wishes to share with us. As He broke bread with them – so He wishes to break bread with us. Everything.

We can treat Him as a name on the pages of a book or as a misty someone somewhere. Or He can be our constant Companion, Comforter and Guide – Our Healer, Encourager and Life.

“What a Friend we have in Jesus …”


Lord Jesus, I really do want You to be my friend – help me to be Yours too. Amen.



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