Lent Starts Tomorrow


“they would have repented .. in sackcloth and ashes.”
(Matthew 11:21)

In the West Lent starts on Ash Wednesday which this year falls on 10 February.
Good Friday is on 25 March and Easter Sunday on 27 March.

The ‘40 days’ of Lent are associated with the 40 days of Jesus fasting in the desert. The 6 Sundays are excluded in the calculation as they are said to represent either the day of rest or the day of Jesus victory over death. For Christians over the ages Lent has been a period of fasting, self-examination and penitence – a time when people are reminded both of their need for salvation, the sufferings and death of Christ on their behalf and the victory of Jesus over sin and death.

In many churches there will be special services on Ash Wednesday to mark the beginning of the Journey to Easter. The theme is Penitence. Ashes will be blessed and used as a symbol of repentance. Many people will go forward to be marked with the sign of the cross, in ashes, on their forehead. These ashes are normally prepared from the Palm Crosses used on Palm Sunday the previous year. As they receive the cross of ashes they are exhorted to

“Turn away from sin and believe the good news.”

The Light of Life is in Christ – and nowhere else.

Make this Lent a special time – a quiet and sincere Journey with the Lord, travelling with Him through one of the Gospels.


Father – please help me to accept this opportunity to journey with You every day, and in so doing to draw closer to You. Please shine Your light into my places of darkness and let me know the wonder of Your healing love. Amen.