True Light


“The true light that gives light to every man
was coming into the world.”

(John 1:9)

When John refers to Jesus as the true light he means true in every sense of the word. Real as opposed to illusion, complete as opposed to incomplete, true as opposed to false, life-giving as opposed to life-distracting.

Men and women seek after light on many ways – in knowledge, in experience, in activities and in relationships. They may find flickers of the truth, faint glimpses of reality and maddening glimmers that lead nowhere. None of these are complete and will never be truly satisfying. Many are merely partial lights and some will be false lights – but people will still follow them in their search for personal meaning, power and satisfaction.

Jesus comes as a Person who is ‘the truth’. He is real, complete and true in every way. But He does not come to merely inform us or add to our knowledge. He comes to shine a new and very personal light into the dark and unsettled areas within and amongst us.

He comes as the revelation of God to settle our doubts. He comes with guidance and empowerment to deal with our despair. He comes with new life to deal with our fear of death. He comes with an intimate relationship with the Almighty Father to deal with our loneliness. He comes with the acceptance of love to deal with our rejection and isolation, He comes with forgiveness and salvation to deal with the sobbing agony of sin and failure. He comes with a place in an eternal home to delight the spirits and hearts that know no peace and rest. He comes with the healing, cleansing and life-giving light that is at the heart of His being. He comes to give it to all those who will look to Him and believe and receive it.

Jesus comes to offer God’s love and healing life to everyone who will receive Him. There are no social or other barriers or exclusions – everyone may turn to Him and know Him, if they will.

Draw closer to Him in prayer, reflection and simple conversation this Lent. He will draw closer to you.


Lord Jesus forgive me for holding on to my independence, my fears and my sins. Please help me to turn more fully into Your light and presence and to entrust myself to Your wonderful and sacrificial love. Amen.