Stay with Me


“Come, follow me,” Jesus said,
“and I will make you fishers of men.”

(Mark 1:17)

Jesus call to “Come” to Him is not temporary but permanent. We are not invited to visit Him but to live with Him. This is emphasised by the call to “Follow Me” and also in John’s Gospel to “Remain with Me.”  The expectation is that once we “Come” we will never leave.

‘Follow Me” also indicates that Jesus is not static and in one situation. Instead He is on the move. He is active in the building and establishment of His Kingdom and involving Himself in the world that He came to save. However just as He worked in ways that seemed strange to his original followers so He might not act on the national and international fronts at this time as we might hope or expect. The wonderfully human Simon Peter tried to correct Jesus on a couple of occasions and found himself reprimanded. We have to learn to let Jesus be Jesus in the way that He knows best on the wider stage and in our own lives.

“Follow Me” does not suggest that we watch Him as if we were reporters – observant yet uninvolved. Clearly it implies going with Him where He leads, becoming involved in what He is doing, following His lead on how to do it and undertaking tasks for Him where and when He directs or allows.  It also includes following Him into our personal, social and employment situations and allowing Him to direct us and help us to live out our daily lives in His presence.

The little word “me” is of prime importance. The call and invitation is issued not just by some local priest but by the Creator of the world, the Sustainer of the world, the Saviour of the world and the eternal Lord of lords and King of kings. It is only through Him that the way to the Father lies open – through Jesus Christ and no one else.

He is not a hobby or an insurance policy. He is Life itself.


Lord Jesus You have called me and I have responded. Help me now to press in to the centre of Your presence, there to live and follow You forever. Amen.