Always Welcome


“But as for me,
through the greatness of Your mercy,
I will come into Your house”
(Psalm 5:7)

I live in an area of high walls and security fences. And the greater and grander the home and property the more security there is. It is almost impossible for unknown and unexpected visitors to gain access. This has naturally made it very difficult for the beggars who mostly make contact with a disembodied voice that cannot be influenced or manipulated.

When it comes to the Lord’s house – the place of His presence – we have no bells to ring, no appeals to present and no servants to impress. As His children the door is always open to us, we are always recognised, expected and welcome. This is where we now belong and our home will never disappear, become too full or be closed and aloof.

This was not always the case. It took a mighty intention, an eternal plan and a mind-numbing act for God to righteously deal with the rebellion that had caused the gates of his presence to slam shut. And it came to be because of one great and glorious truth – God’s unlimited and unshakeable love.

It is indeed through the greatness of God’s mercy that we may enter into His house. It is a privilege without comparison, a treasure that cannot be valued and a blessing that can never be earned. It brings with it not just the right of access but the permanency of residence and the eternal inheritance of all that is His – shared with and by His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Whatever pain or pleasure this world may bring to us will at some time disappear. That which comes to us through our relationship with the Lord we may begin to enjoy now – and will live and explore throughout His eternity.


Think on these things


Heavenly Father, I cannot yet begin to appreciate all that You have done for me and have in store for me – although one day I will. Thank You for the great love that has brought me into Your presence and please help me to grasp and appreciate more of it every day. Amen.



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