Remember Me


“According to Your love remember me”
(Psalm 25:7)

When we are down – feeling lost, lonely, sick, a failure, inadequate, whatever it may be – it is so easy to transfer our feeling of remoteness on to God. It is also easy to imagine that he looks at us in the same way that we look at ourselves – with disgust, despair, frustration, anger or shame. But this is, unintentionally, to make Him in our image when He is not like us at all.

David picks this up. He asks God to remember and love him the way God is and not the way David is. There is a huge difference. God’s is a love that is higher, wider, deeper, and greater than any love that we could imagine. It is a love that has given everything for us, even God Himself.

The closest we might get to this is to see or experience it in the love of a parent for a child – which might continue in the face of rejection and failure. The parent loves because of the love in the parent, not because of the love in the child, or displayed in the child’s actions. God loves us because of the love in God. In fact the best single word that John could find to describe God was that ‘God is Love.’

God does not love us because we are worthy. He loves us because He is God, and because of the love that is within Him –a glorious, abundant, overflowing, creative, life-giving, forgiving, cleansing, never-ending, sacrificial and holy Love.

 So David prays

 “Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways;
  According to Your love remember me.”

This is replicated in the prayer of the thief dying next to Jesus on a cross. In asking Jesus to “Remember me” he is praying that the Lord will do so out of His sacrificial love and not for the sins that had brought the other to judgement and to death.

When we need to we too can ask God to remember us, to consider and deal with us, out of His love and not in terms of our lack of love or faithfulness.

“According to Your love remember me”

 We know that He will.

Dare to believe and accept it!


Father, please help me to accept the way that You see me from Your love, and not to think it is the gloomy way that I sometimes see myself. Amen


Photo: (c) Catherine Bondonno