Food of life


“Remain in me,
and I will remain in you.”
(John 15:4)

In the illustration of the Vine and the branches Jesus is making the vital point that our true life begins and continues through our union with Him. We receive that life from Him and through Him, and it is only within this relationship that our lives become productive and glorify God. If we choose to leave Him our spiritual lives wither and die just as a branch would if separated from the Vine.

It also illustrates the way that our everyday lives are to be lived and conducted. Unlike human relationships, where we can be separated from the other at times, our relationship with Jesus is to be permanent, without a break and with no vacations. This means that we must try to avoid things which might bring about a separation. Although He has promised to be with us always we often choose, consciously or unconsciously, to exercise our own wills against His.

As Scripture makes clear sin separates us from God and from our potential. God does not participate in our sins. Although He sees what we are doing we sin alone. To remain in Him is to stay with Him, and within His guidance and direction, all the time. It is moving with Him and not expecting Him to move with us. It is honouring Him as Lord at all times and in all situations. It is in such a relationship that we find our lives begin to grow and blossom, and we enter into a more significant and meaningful relationship with Him – and with ourselves. Like the branch we are drawing our life, strength and sustenance from Him and not from the world.

This needs to be our vision and goal.

Commit yourself every day to walk with Jesus – and pray for His guidance, strength and help.


Lord Jesus please help me to walk in conscious relationship with You every day, and to seek to do everything to Your honour and glory. Please show me the danger areas. Amen.