Rocky Lives


“Some fell on rock, and when it came up,
the plants withered because they had no moisture”
(Luke 8:6)

A field that had been well prepared for sowing would have no rocks left. The farmer would have taken the trouble to dig them out, even if he needed help. That way they would not take up valuable space or stand in the way of the sowing and reaping.

If our lives are to become the good and well-prepared ground, in which the seed can grow and bear much fruit, then we need to identify and get rid of the rocks that stand in the way.

These rocks may take many forms. Some will be attitudes that we have adopted or grown up with. These may range from the way that we see others, particularly if they are culturally different to us, to the way that we see ourselves. Other rocks will be bad habits that we have fallen into or embraced, which may include alcohol, drugs, pornography and sexual practices. Other rocks may be the people with whom we associate or even the all-consuming nature of our jobs, hobbies or sporting activities. Some rocks may be things that we really rather like whilst others may be so deeply planted that we are almost unaware of their existence.

So although the gospel message and the word of God may attract us these rocks can prevent us from understanding our true need and accepting it into every area of our lives. We may find that it has to give way to the rocks in our lives because they will not allow it to establish proper roots where it can grow and become effective.

All of us have rocks. The big question is whether we are prepared to identify them, face them and deal with them.

Ask God to show you what the rocks are – then ask Him to show you how to deal with them.


Father please draw my attention to the rocks in my life. Please help me not to merely accept them, but to come to You for help and direction. Amen.