The Body


“He is the head of the body, the Church”

A physical body without a head becomes lifeless. An organisation loses direction and purpose.

Jesus created the Church to be His Body on earth. He made it quite clear that He was the Head and expected to continue in that role for as long as the Church existed. Without Him the Church becomes powerless, unable to think the truth or to properly decide on its direction. Where Jesus sees and understands everything the vision and understanding of Church leaders is obviously limited. Without Him the Church has nothing of real value to offer its members or the world.

What is true for the Body is true for the individual members as well. Whilst we are intimately connected to the Lord as our Head – and in good relationship with each other – we can live properly and effectively. Where we lose contact with the Lord our relationships with the other members deteriorates also and all of our lives are the poorer. This is vividly portrayed in the picture of Jesus as the Vine and His followers as the branches.

It is vital that we are in good relationship and communication with the Lord. We also do need to belong in good relationship to a group of sincere and committed Christians. It is the way that Jesus intended.

Where am I – where could I be?


Lord Jesus please draw me into a closer and deeper relationship with You. (Please also show me where it is that You wish me to belong). Amen


(Photo: (c) soaring eagle)