My Priorities


“Only one thing is needed.
Mary has chosen what is better,
 and it will not be taken away from her.”
(Luke 10:42)

There will always be jobs to be done, houses to be cleaned, meals to be prepared, the endless lists of things needing to be done. One thing is certain – the moment we finish one task there will be another waiting in its place and calling for our attention.

However, we may not always have the opportunity or freedom to spend time with the Lord – in prayer, reading His Word, worshipping or listening to a teacher unpacking the wonders of His truth.

This is Jesus point. He would move on and all Martha would have is another meal to prepare – whilst Mary would have been fed spiritually with the lasting memory of His presence and His words.

If we keep putting Him off for when we have more time it will never happen. However if we make time for Him as a priority we will find that we are still able to do the other important things as well. And what we gain from Him will be of lasting value.

Be more intentional this week – give the Lord the first of your time, not the last.


Lord God help me to seek You at the beginning of each day and to give You the time in which to be with me, speak to me and listen to me. Amen.