Open Eyes


“Lord, I want to see”
(Luke 18:41)

A blind beggar was sitting at the roadside begging when Jesus passed by. He called out to Him and when asked what he wanted said “Lord, I want to see.”

The truth is that all of us are ‘blind’ in one way or another. We can fail to see what is really going on in our own lives, in the lives of those around us and in the affairs of our community, nation and the world at large. So caught up in our own concerns it sometimes takes a major event to shock us into awareness.

It might also be true that some do not want to look too closely into the lives of others in case they get involved – and do not want to open up about their own lives because of the pain and shame that might result. So we close our eyes to these situations.

Yet if we carry on like this we will live as strangers amongst strangers, even within our families, and as strangers to ourselves.

If we look carefully at those closest to us could we really describe who they are, what they are and where they are as individual personalities? Can we discern what it is for which they long, what it is that they fear and what would bring them the greatest and deepest joy? And could we answer those questions for ourselves?

How well do I actually see!


Lord, please open my eyes – to You, to those nearest to me, and to myself – so that Your light, love and life may become more of a reality to us. Amen.