The Soaring Eagle

Only your body is limited. Your spirit can 'mount up on wings like eagles'

I can change

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“I am the way and the truth and the life”
(John 14:6)



“You can stay as you are for the rest of your life – or you can change”

This was the slogan of a popular brand of liquor. Its message is however very pertinent no matter who or what we are. The basic decision is in our hands. If we do nothing then we will remain as we are unless some form of change is forced upon us.

Some things may be beyond our ability or power to alter. However our attitude towards them, towards life, towards ourselves and others as well as many of our current circumstances can be changed – either slightly or radically.  A nursing home nearby has a blackboard at the entrance on which they write regular words of inspiration. They one that challenged me as well as making me laugh said, “If opportunity hasn’t knocked yet, build a door!” You see, sometimes we close ourselves off so completely that there are no doors to our inner life – so nothing can get in, or out.

We are often afraid of trying to change something, or tackle something new, in case we fail. However if we watch children we see that they are forever attempting new things. Often they fail at the first attempts but they keep on trying, until they are walking, running and even dancing. All sorts of new doors open to them.

Jesus words to people were very simple. He merely said, “Follow Me.” And some left their current way of life and followed Him into the unknown. There they met new situations, new challenges and new blessings. They did not always understand or get everything right – but they persevered with Him and He with them.  On the journey they discovered a truth and a beauty and a value in their lives and in His life that they had not seen before.  For Jesus is Life in all its fullness.

Jesus criticized the religious leaders at the time for looking good externally when inside they were corrupt and self-seeking. He also took it upon Himself to cleanse the Temple of all the corrupt practices that had sprung up there. The point is clear – cleanse and grow the inner person and the outer one will be changed as well. And, because we change, our circumstances will be affected as well.

Is it time to ‘stand up and walk’ in a new way?


Lord God, by Your Spirit, please cleanse, heal, direct and strengthen me. Help me to be more of the person that You wish and not to stagnate or live as a victim. Amen.



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