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Missed You

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“Be still,
and know that I am God”
(Psalm 46:10)

I was reminded this week that one of the most important aspects of prayer is simply showing up!

This really should not surprise us as it is also at the heart of most of our relationships. If we don’t show up it is very difficult to have or to maintain a relationship. And then if we don’t show up ‘on time’ it sends all sorts of negative messages to the other person and leaves us feeling guilty and defensive.

We can take God very much for granted because He is always ‘here.’ At any moment we can breathe a silent prayer which He hears and receives. If for any reason we found that He was not there we would be disappointed, distressed and even devastated.

By the same token, and because of His great love for us, we must allow that God is disappointed if we miss out on one of our regular prayer times.  We might become quite angry that He is not more understanding and even appreciative of the pressures under which we operate. But then we could well take the same view in our other relationships without realising the truth that it reveals. The point here is that God is not criticising us but missing us and the opportunity to spend a few moments in conscious contact with us. Even if we sometimes have to cut it short, or even on occasion miss it all together, it is important to have a regular rhythm of prayer in our lives – times when both God and we know that we will be meeting. Being intentional rather than casual is so important.

There are many important and valuable types of prayer and one of them is silence. Not meditation, not contemplation, not listening for some special word, not being anxious about whether we are praying properly, not reading a quick verse of Scripture – just being quiet and still before the Lord, acknowledging His presence and resting there. All it needs is something like ‘Hi Father, I’m here for a few moments,” and then quietness, enjoying the awareness of Him.

Whilst it doesn’t replace worship, giving thanks, prayer requests and other important and valuable forms of prayer it does recognise the importance and value of relationship – just being together. And it is something that we can either build into our day – perhaps around our midday break – or use at any time. It can be as short or as long as is good at the time. I find it helpful to start by breathing in the word “Father” or “Jesus” for a while.

Try it – even now. And, if you haven’t already, set up some times of prayer with God – the beginning of the day is always good.


Thank you Father that You wish to meet with me, to hear what is on my heart and to share what is on Yours. Please inspire and guide me in our relationship and draw me ever closer to You so that You can draw closer to me. Amen.



One thought on “Missed You

  1. Father teach me to listen – to you above all else


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