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Only your body is limited. Your spirit can 'mount up on wings like eagles'

Had to be birds

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“The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands”
(Psalm 19:1)

Honouring God in praise and worship is an important part of our relationship and communication with Him. In it we recognise Him for Who He is and for what He has done. We also remind ourselves of these things and in so doing increase our respect and vision of Him as well as building our own faith.

Many  find this difficult even although they readily praise others for their achievements –  such as sportsmen and women and entertainers.  In fact the world finds it important to recognise and praise such people – often to excess. In doing so they show very clearly their need for heroes and heroines.

We are surrounded by the works of God, all of which tell us something about Him. We have a Bible filled with details of His revelation of Himself and the great things that He has done. We belong to a Church that remembers and celebrates the greatest of these acts – and we have our own lives in which He has been active as well.

I wake early and recently sat and listened to the birds as they too awoke and began their early morning songs and choruses. I marvelled at the beauty and variety of these songs, the different voices that they had – some a liquid loveliness that appeared to pour out from their throats without limit. They sang singly and then joined together in a feathery chorus that awoke the dawn.

Instead of limiting myself to listening I reached for my Ipad and began to write – thanking God for the wonderful gift of birds and for their glorious songs. I recognised each voice as a separate creation, each song an individual poem, each tune a specific composition. I marvelled at the clarity and reach of these morning expressions, coming from such small creatures and winging away over fields and valleys and homes – seeming to reach up to the very heights of the heavenly places themselves.

And I saw that there just had to be birds in the whole scheme of creation – and that they just had to be the songsters and the praise singers of the Lord. And I marvelled at Him and thanked Him for such wonderful gifts.

Look around you and you’ll see.

I find the act of writing draws vision and understanding out from me – perhaps it will help you too.  Just write from the heart.


Lord God help me to open my eyes and my spirit to the wonder and beauty of Your creation and works – and to what they say about You. And help me to laugh in joy and wonder and turn to thank and praise and worship You, my wonderful Creator, Saviour and Friend. Amen.




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