Now I see


“He is the image of the invisible God”
(Colossians 1:15)


Paul in these next verses gives us a glorious vision and understanding of our wonderful Lord. He is writing about the Christ to others and so speaks of Him as ‘He.’ However by making them personal they become a beautiful expression of worship as they acknowledge His glory.

“You are the image of the invisible God”

Here is an enlightening truth. All that we might want to know about the Father is revealed to us in the Person and expression of Jesus Christ. He is Himself the author of this great truth for He said to His disciples shortly before His death.

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father”
(John 14:9)

Everything about Jesus is a revelation of the Father. As examples –

  • There is the Majesty with which the Father commanded creation into existence –
    • and the Majesty with which Jesus exercised power over that same creation in calming the storm, feeding the 5000, healing the sick and raising the dead.
  • There is the Intimacy of God walking in the Garden to find Adam and Eve, calling out to them and then clothing them before they left the Garden –
    • and Jesus dealing with the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, the ‘sinful’ woman anointing Him, His story of looking for the Lost Sheep and His conversations with His disciples
  • There is God’s desire to save and bless expressed in His faithfulness and commitment to Israel, forgiving, saving and restoring them again and again –
    • and Jesus touching and healing the leper, giving sight to the blind, raising the dead, healing the lame, healing the sick and forgiving the sinners
  • There is the love of God expressed in His plan of salvation that was in place from the beginning and expressed in His response to the Fall despite the cost involved, and the prophetic example of the near sacrifice of Isaac by his father –
    • and Jesus facing the horror of the Cross through Gethsemane and the day that followed

Jesus said of Himself that He only spoke the words that the Father gave Him and did only the things that the Father showed Him – and summed it all up by saying,

“I and the Father are one”
(John 10:30)

Use it in worship through the day – “You are the image of the invisible God”


Lord Jesus, You are indeed the image of the invisible God, our glorious Father. Thank You for revealing Him to us. Help me to see Him in and through You and Your revelation. Amen.



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