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Start Digging

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“This is the meaning of the parable:
The seed is the word of God”
(Luke 8:11)


A wonderful thing about Scripture is the way that it talks into our lives at all stages and in all ages.

Jesus told the parable of the Sower. The seed, as the Word of God, is sowed generously across the field. It falls onto hard paths, rocky areas, thistle and weed patches as well as onto open and receptive ground. Here is grows freely and achieves its purpose.

As I was reading it again recently I was struck by the truth that the field is me. Within the boundaries of my  life  are hard and unreceptive areas where the word has not penetrated, rocky and superficial areas where the word although attractive has not established a foothold, thistly and weed infested patches where life just crowds it out and some open patches waiting for more of it and receptive to it.

If all these areas where the same size that would mean that three-quarters of my life was not properly open to the Word of God. Even if the ‘good ground’ is by far the largest area then there are still three significant patches that are not responsive to God –  although He is still speaking to them. It’s quite a challenging thought and, of course, explains somethings about my life!

What now? Well for me the obvious step is to ask the Lord to show me where these non-receptive areas are -and then to ask for His help in addressing them. In terms of the parable the hard paths need some ploughing, the rocky areas need to have the rocks removed and the thistles need to be located and weeded out. It’s a question of looking at my priorities and the way that I think and live and making the adjustments that are called for.

The Good News is that it is not merely a question of getting rid of some barriers to a better life but of replacing them with what is better. Some of the rocks might prove quite challenging and resistant but as we persevere with God they will give way, and what a blessing that will prove to be.

The Proverb has is right – “Trust in the Lord with all you heart”, not just some of it.

Get into your field today – and do some prayerful digging with the Lord. He has some new flowers for you.


Lord thank You that You sow Your seed in all the areas of my life. Please help me to prepare all of them for You. Amen.




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  1. Amen.


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