Faithful One


“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;
steadfast love and faithfulness go before you”
(Psalm 89:14 ESV)

This is a most wonderful and encouraging affirmation of the basic qualities of the nature of our God. As we think about them we could say that they are ones we would really want Him to possess and to exercise.

His sovereign rule is built upon and expresses His incorruptible righteousness and justice. He cannot do wrong, He cannot be bribed, persuaded or drawn away from what is right and just – and it will be true for His dealings with all peoples and each and every individual. His actions are not based upon His emotions or a state of mind that changes with circumstances. He is always completely fair and true in all that He does. Therefore He could never say that sin does not matter.

We may fear that this could show Him to be distant, legalistic and uncaring.  However we are then told that everything about Him is revealed through a strong, unchanging and unconditional love. With this He is absolutely faithful in all that He says and does and so can be relied upon completely. He will never falter, fail or become feeble in any commitment that He has made. And so He Himself provides a solution to the desperate problem of sin.

It is His great love that binds Him to His people. It is the source of the covenants that reveal His desire for a relationship with them. It is the reason for the great sacrifice of salvation and redemption in Jesus Christ. It is the inspiration for the place that He has prepared for us in the world to come.

This is the Lord God whom we can trust completely, who will never let us down and who will ensure that indeed all things work for the good of those who love Him.

Remind myself always that God is not like me


Father God You are constant and true, loving and faithful. Help me to remember this at all times – especially when I fail and when others do as well. Amen.