Smile and Weep


“When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen”
( Luke 19:37)

Lord these are special moments to remember. Sunlit times when with other believers we could look at You and sing out Your praises. Each one with a story to tell of love and life and new light. The early days of faith when all was golden and hearts were joy-filled and You were smiling.

Those were wonderful days with You as the centre of our lives. We all loved and liked each other then – well most of the time. There was no need to argue or compete because You really were everything to us – and we shared our wonder and amazement at Your miracles and the new and marvellous things You taught us.

Thank You for those days and memories which we thought would never end – if we thought at all. We needed them just as later disciples do. We would often long to go back there – but there is no going back for You and we were always moving on.

And even there on that Son-blessed hillside things began to change. For, as we came near to the city, Your smile faded and in its place You wept. You wept for the people who couldn’t see and wouldn’t see. You wept for their mindless rejection of You that lay just ahead – and for the terrible times they were soon to endure. You probably wept for us as well. We were all shallow in our golden days – as many are.

But then we too learned to weep – and how we would weep! We wept over You Lord – we wept over ourselves as we discovered things we did not know were there – and we wept over others who couldn’t see and wouldn’t see and sent us away. And yet in the midst of all these tears we discovered something else – something so precious. We discovered more of You. For when we wept You wept with us – but You also smiled. Such a tender, loving and pain-tinged smile over an outstretched arm and an open hand that still bears the marks of a nail.

Yes they were golden days – but we wouldn’t go back now for we have so much more.


(Picture: Artist Unknown)