God Speaking

“The seed is the word of God”
(Luke 8:11)

The parable of the sower is one of such amazing good news. To see it we must make it personal.

Jesus is the Sower – He is also the one who said that He would be with us always. The field that belongs to Him is the world but, making it personal, it is our particular world. It is into our personal lives that He is sowing His seed – day in and day out, sunshine and rain, daylight and night-time. As the Word and Revelation of God He is speaking to us one way or the other all the time. And into every area of our lives.

He speaks into the hard and insensitive areas of our lives. And although His words might quickly disappear and have no apparent effect they are nevertheless there in our history. One day we might remember them in awe.

He speaks into the shallow areas of our lives – where the boulders of sin and selfishness sit firmly entrenched. And although His words attract us they cannot establish themselves because our desires are elsewhere. But they are there – and one day we will remember in awe.

He sows His word into the frantic and stressful areas of our lives – where there is so much clamouring for our attention. However the urgent calls of the world distract us and we fail to remember them amongst the weeds. But they are there even although choked out for the time being. One day we will notice them and remember in awe.

And of course He continues also to sow into any areas where we will notice, receive and attend to His word and presence now.

God is sowing into our lives every moment of every day. And this without our specific intention or invitation, but just because He is God and through His great love for each one of us. He sows through the wonder of His creation – if we would pause to look and listen. He sows through His Scriptures – if we would pause to read and reflect. He sows into our prayer life – if we choose to include Him. He sows though the good times and the hard times, the joy and the pain, the busyness and the quiet, the social pleasures and the lonely times.

God sows because He cares and longs to produce blessing in our lives.

Keep asking God what He is saying to you – He knows what you need to hear.


Lord Jesus You are speaking and teaching into my life. Please help me to practice being aware of You,  to still myself to listen for Your word, to recognise and receive Your word, and to trust and respond to Your word. Amen.