Getting Ready

“I make known the end from the beginning,
from ancient times, what is still to come.
I say: My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.”
 (Isaiah 46:10)


We can so quickly forget what our life and our salvation is all about. So we need to be reminded, to celebrate the wonder of it all, and to honour the God at it centre. This is why the Church has certain seasons and festivals.

The season of Advent is a time of preparation to commemorate the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ whose birth will be celebrated at Christmas. It is also a time to reflect on why we need a Saviour, to prepare ourselves for His second coming, and for the moment when we will see Him face to face. It is a period within which to focus on reality – our reality, the reality of the world around us, the reality of sin and the reality of the awesome love and power of God. It is to acknowledge that in our present personal, local, national and international situations we really, really need a Saviour.

The world has trivialised God in turning these great celebration into commercial carnivals from which it is slowly removing the name of the Lord. On the other hand we, to whom the Lord has given the grace of faith, need to pause, to look at the true reality of what has taken place and to acknowledge with deep humility and gratitude that it has been done for us. The darkness, strife, violence and abuse that clouds the world and shatters the lives of so many will not prevail. The Light of God is already in the world and will indeed overcome and banish this darkness and all who live by it.

The true wonder of the season is not that a virgin should bear a child. It is that the Lord God Almighty, the Holy, Majestic and Everlasting One, should come amongst us in human form – to live as we live and to suffer and die in our place and for our sins.  Each celebration of this season is a reminder of the great love that God has for each one of us – and how He came to seek and to find us.

Is my life aimless or a journey with a purpose and destination?

Thank God that you do not walk this life alone, that you have a mighty God to guide, lead and watch over you –God whose purpose and plan will be fulfilled in every way.


Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for Your great love, Your mighty power and Your wonderful promises that have and will be fulfilled in Jesus – the one true Light of the world. Amen.