God of Love 9

“I will declare that your love stands firm forever,
that you established your faithfulness in heaven itself”
(Psalm 89:2)

God is a God of Love.

God’s faithfulness is an eternal characteristic of His that marks Him as different to all created beings. This unique faithfulness was established in heaven itself – where it cannot be touched or contaminated by either evil or the things of this world.

We see something of this faithfulness in both the created order which has lasted over so many ages – and in His commitment to it and to the people whom He made in His image. Whether blessing or disciplining them He has never abandoned them. His desire for us to know and depend upon His faithfulness is revealed in His initiating and establishing covenant with His people.

 But it is not this faithfulness alone upon which we may depend – His love binds Him to His people in a relationship that cannot now be broken. The Cross of Christ reveals to us the extent of this faithfulness and love.

It is not enough to read the words. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them life within you.


Holy Spirit of Life, please lead me deeper into the Truth of the Love of God, and make it live and resonate within me. Amen.