We Need Truth

“I the LORD
speak the truth,
I declare what is right”
(Isaiah 45:19)


“What is truth?” was Pilate’s question to Jesus shortly before he sentenced Him to death. He knew that he was being manipulated by the crowds and religious leaders but allowed it to happen. And today some are saying that we have moved into a ‘Post-Truth’ society.

However we need the truth – for without it there is nothing certain, nothing dependable, only a misty uncertainty. God speaking through the prophet seeks to assure us that what He says is the truth and what is right. If it were not then, in truth, He could not be the Lord God Almighty but a charlatan.

Satan on the other hand is referred to as ‘the father of lies’ and his whole aim is to deceive us and to take us in the wrong direction – away from God and His will for us. So he will tell us lies about God, others, our situations and ourselves. We can see his influence in the world as others follow his example.

When God in the Ten Commandments instructed us not to give false evidence He was underlining the fact that relationships and society need and have to be founded upon the truth. If they are not they will disintegrate.

As the people of God our calling is to believe and trust Him – and then to live as those whose integrity cannot be called into question. It does matter to God and to those around us – even if they are marching to a different tune.

I believe and trust in God


Lord God, our Father Almighty, help me to receive and to live Your truth in the world – for the sake of Your Name and the blessing of Your people. Amen.