“On the evening of that first day of the week,
when the disciples were together,
with the doors locked for fear of the Jews,
Jesus came and stood among them and said,
“Peace be with you!”
(John 20:19)


This really was the peace of God that passes all understanding. And although it was a common greeting of the time no words of Jesus are without meaning and significance. So it has three important elements included in it as He speaks this peace into their lives.

There is Peace between Himself and them. These were the ones who had boasted of being willing to die for Him – but who had fled before the armed guards and the crowd who had arrested Him. Jesus was clearing away the desertion and guilt that would have lain heavily on and between them –and reinstating them into relationship with Him, this time in a deeper, stronger and humbler way.

There is Peace between God and them. Jesus represented the Father and said specifically that those who had seen Him had seen the Father also. Now He makes it quite clear that their relationship with the Father had been restored as well. The sin and guilt of separation that had come about through Adam and been perpetuated by fallen humankind had been dealt with on the Cross. New life was established in the Resurrection.  The way to God was open once more and they were included.

They could now be at peace with themselves. As the daughters and sons of God their individual and corporate identities were established and secured. No matter what the future might hold nothing could separate them from God’s love and presence. The Holy Spirit would affirm them in their identity and develop them in their uniqueness.

They had done nothing to deserve this peace from the Lord, except to love and trust Him. As God blessed Jesus with acknowledgement and affirmation at His Baptism – that is before His ministry commenced – so He now blessed His disciples. He blesses us in the same way too. It is the undeserved, unconditional and unending love and grace of God.

Believe it and receive it


Lord Jesus I do not deserve such love and blessing, but I cannot deny Your great love and provision for me. Please help me to believe, receive and live in the Peace that You offer to even me right now. Amen.



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