Come and Celebrate

“Then he sent some more servants and said, `Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready.
Come to the wedding banquet”
(Matthew 22:4)

Absolutely nothing is more important – or even as important – as the invitation and call that we have from Jesus Christ to be a part of His life. It is a call both for now and for all eternity.

Those who ignore the original invitation, extended to all and everyone, are walking away from the certainty of eternal light and love and salvation – and into the uncertainty of the darkness, and of the judgement of God.

Those who like these guests accepted the original invitation and now have other things in their lives that are more important to them, find themselves in an even worse situation than they were originally. For instead of failing to recognise the Lord they have insulted and rejected Him.

The love of the Lord God Almighty is such that He has

  • reached out to us in our darkness and separation from Him,
  • taken our sin upon Himself,
  • in Christ suffered and died for us upon the cross,
  • offered us not merely the position of favoured servants but of beloved daughters and sons
  • ‘lavished His love upon us’

It is not to be taken lightly but acknowledged, accepted and treasured with all humility – and never forgotten.

Our days and our lives are full of things that shout for our attention – and try to insist on us making them our priority. But nothing and no one should be allowed to take the position that belongs rightfully to the Lord. He alone deserves and should receive the worship that properly values Him. Jesus showed us that we cannot serve two masters – we must ensure that we always choose the right One.

Who and what are the real priorities in my life at the moment?


Lord God help me to recognise more of the truth about You and about me – and to have You as the loved, honoured and treasured Lord of my life. Amen.




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