All I Need

“You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.”
(Psalm 23:5)


Our enemies drain us. Whether they involve people, emotions, fears, bad habits or sins they can leave us feeling parched and weary. They may also produce feelings of guilt in us that make us feel inadequate and separated from God, others and ourselves.

God, on the other hand, seeks to feed us. This is not only physically but mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well. He feeds us with His Word in Scripture, with His Holy Spirit witnessing to our spirit and with His love revealed in Jesus and poured into our hearts by the Spirit.

Even when things appear to be dark He is with us. The food, forgiveness and fellowship are available if we will see it. It is like a table laid with provisions from which we can choose what we need. It is not only the bare necessities that are available but other foods of encouragement and love that lift us in unexpected ways.

The feast available to us within the pages of the Bible, in the outpouring of our hearts in prayer and in the quiet listening in His presence, is unlimited. It is without limit because God’s love and commitment know no limit.

It is only through trusting and trying that we find the blessing.


Lord help me to look for and to find Your provision when I need it – and help me to store up Your riches in between. Amen.






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