My Shadow

“Surely goodness and love
will follow me all the days of my life”
(Psalm 23:6)


There are two lovely points to bear in mind here.

Firstly, as we follow Jesus and allow Him to care for us, the beauty and love of the Lord will come after us. They will seek to enter into us and transform our lives through our thoughts, words and deeds. We know this because we are intended to be in the image of God. We are called to be holy as He is holy, filled with the Light of His Life and Love.

Secondly, beauty and love will be our shadows. These are the realities that we will leave behind us as we pass through life and people’s lives and situations. The fruit of the Holy Spirit will appear in and upon our lives. Like all fruit it is an indication of the loveliness of the fruit tree itself. However the fruit is borne not for the benefit of the tree but for those around it.

In our relationship with our Lord we are intended to receive His beauty and love, become beautiful and lovely of spirit, and pass it on to those around us.

Don’t share the world – share the Lord


Lord God help me to seek and to embrace Your loveliness and share it with others through my life and living. Amen.




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