I want to see

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.
 The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”
(Mark 10:51)

Two things happened to the blind man who appealed to the Lord to have mercy on him.

One was that he received the gift of sight – and what a wonderful gift it must have been. Not only could he see but think for a moment of what he could see – the sky, the clouds, the plants, the birds, the colours and textures and patterns everywhere, and all the people.

Then, and most wonderful of all, he could look into the smiling, delight-filled face of the Lord Himself. Set free from the darkness he would have seen the Light both physically and spiritually. It is no wonder that he then ‘followed Jesus along the road.’

We all want and need to ‘see’ more and more of the Lord – to know and appreciate Him in deeper and higher ways. As our relationship with Him increases we can ask Him to reveal more of Himself and about Himself to us.

This is also the wonder of Scripture. It is filled with accounts of God at work in the world. And each time we read and reflect on them there is the possibility of a new insight, a new relevance, and new depth to what we perceive. And the beauty of Creation is that it too reveals something of the beauty and character of the Creator whenever we pause to let it speak to us.

Keep asking the Lord to give you new sight and insight.


Lord, we want to see Jesus and to know Him better and better. Please help us. Amen.