Spring Clean

“Put to death, therefore,
whatever belongs to your earthly nature”
(Colossians 3:5)

Paul has just taught us that because we have been ‘raised with Christ’ our whole vision and purpose must change. We are no longer people of the world but the daughters and sons of God in the world. There are, therefore, some things that have no place or part in our new and godly lives. Accordingly where they are found they should be ‘put to death’, extinguished, got rid of, and replaced with what is good and godly.

He goes on to list some of these worldly and ungodly things –sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed – together with anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language. Anyone who has come into the circle of God’s influence will immediately recognise that they are destructive and offensive to God.  

Some of them may not be easy to expel because they have become such a part of our lives. Fortunately we have the help and strength of the Holy Spirit available to us. But just as we must go and purchase some cockroach repellent and use it for it to do its work in our cupboards –so we must recognise our need and involve the Holy Spirit in cleaning out the areas in our lives that need it. And we need to keep on doing so until there is no trace of them left.

Not only are such things offensive to God, but they are destructive in our own lives and other relationships. They hold us back from living in and living out the new life that God has given to us. C. S. Lewis talk of those who walk in ‘the valley of the shadow of life’ – so close to this new and God-filled life and yet not having truly stepped into it.

It’s Spring in our area – filled with glorious new life, colours, growth and bird-song. A good time for another spring-clean of our lives so that we can draw closer to God and He to us!

Just do it! Look inside and begin clearing some of the stuff out.


Lord God, in Your Holy Spirit, show me some of the things in my life that should not be there – and help  me to clear them out and to replace them with what is good. Amen.