Bow Down

“Come, let us worship and bow down,
 and kneel before the LORD our Maker”
(Psalm 95:6)

I came across this verse again the other day. Reading it I felt moved to do what is says. So I knelt, bowed my head, and worshipped the Lord. They were very precious moments.

Our bodies are a part of us and we use them all the time to communicate our feelings. Their attitude at any one moment can also influence the way that we express ourselves. So kneeling humbly to the Lord is both an expression of worship as well as laying the foundation for the way that our hearts and minds and mouths themselves speak.

To worship the Lord from this verse, I found, is to acknowledge Him as the One True God, the Mighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the One who gave us life and placed us here in an environment that He had prepared for us – and for which He had formed and equipped us. He has surrounded us with the most amazing beauty, variety and abundance – so much of which we can enjoy and appreciate freely. In it, and through it, He reveals so much about Himself to those who look and listen and feel and taste and marvel at the One who created all of it.

In these times we can become over casual in our attitude to the Lord. As good as some familiarity is it can take us away from the awe, wonder and reverence which should also accompany our relationship with Him.

Try it a few times and see. Let your own words come freely. If you cannot kneel then do so in your mind and heart.


Lord God You really are amazing, filled with beauty and love. Thank You for allowing us to share in the wonder of Your creation – and that we are able to do so. Please keep opening our eyes to new appreciations of Your glory. Amen.