Holy Ground

“The place where you are standing
is holy ground”
(Exodus 3:5)

When God called Moses to Him at the burning bush He told him to remove his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. The earth would not have looked any different to Moses, but he obeyed without question knowing himself to be in the presence of God. And there he stood in all his fallenness – which included pride, murder and desertion – and waited on God.

Wherever God chooses to meet with us becomes holy ground – because of His presence that reaches out and embraces us. It is here that He has chosen to engage with us, who we are and as we are, at a specific moment in time that is of His choosing.  Peter in his boat, Matthew in the tax collector’s booth, Zacchaeus up a tree, the adulterous woman in the temple courts, the sinful woman at Jesus feet, the moment in time when we heard and responded to His call – all holy moments in places holy at the time.

And when, at His prompting, we turn to God in sin, shame, need and despair – and He meets us as He will – it becomes a holy moment on holy ground. We often fail to recognise it because we are caught up with ourselves and our need. But He is with us, and we with Him, in a special way.

In fact whenever and wherever we engage with God, and He with us, we enter into a holy place that needs to be acknowledged and respected.  Our equivalent of taking off our shoes would be to separate ourselves for those moments from the things and activities of the world – giving Him our full, humble and undivided attention.

As an exercise – take off your shoes and say the Lord’s Prayer slowly. Feel the ground beneath your feet – recognise God is standing before you. Be still for a few moments.

Whenever you pray – deliberately recognise the holy presence of God .


Lord God I stand in Your presence on holy ground. I am quiet before You, knowing that You are looking upon me and smiling. It is good. Thank You so much.