God sees me

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her:
“You are the God who sees me”
(Genesis 16:13)


Hagar was an Egyptian maidservant to Sarai, Abram’s wife. When Sarai realised she was not having children she gave Hagar to Abram so that they could have children through her.

After Hagar had falling pregnant she was mistreated by Sarai and ran away. She had no home or family to whom she could turn, and the Lord found her in the desert near a spring. After He had told Hagar what He had planned for her He sent her back.

“She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her:
“You are the God who sees me”

Not only does He see her in terms of knowing exactly where she was at that time – He also saw her in knowing everything about her and her situation, and how she fitted into His plans and purposes. He saw all that there was to see and know about her in terms of her past, present and future.

This is our God who “chose us before the creation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4) He is also the God who sees us – who knows everything there is to know about us – past, present and future, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and about all our circumstances including His plans and purposes for us.

I find this such a huge comfort. I don’t have to try and explain or excuse myself to God. He already knows and understands everything there is to know about me – much more than I am aware of myself. He knows where I am, who I am and why I am. He knows where He is taking me. And He knows what I need.

Sit before the Lord as if you were a book. Sense His looking at you and turning the pages of your life and being. Be aware of His light playing across the surface of your soul and shining into the sore and dark and lonely places of your life. He loves you right now as you are.


Lord God, You are the One who sees me. Thank You that I am known to You completely. I have nothing to hide from You or from me. Let Your Light shine into me Lord and bless me. Amen.