God accepts me

“Then Jesus declared,
 “I who speak to you am he”
(John 4:26)


Yesterday we looked at the account of Hagar who met ‘The God who sees me.’

Today we recall another meeting between a lonely and rejected woman and God. This was a Samaritan woman who, after five failed marriages, was living with a man who was not her husband. She left her town to draw water at an outside well. The inference is clear – the local woman who met to talk and draw water at the well in the town square wanted nothing to do with her.

When she reached the well she found Jesus waiting for her. Not only did He surprise her by talking to her – for Jewish men would not talk to Samaritan women – He also asked her for help. He wanted her to give Him a drink of the water she drew from the well. He went on to talk to her about her life, showing just how much He knew about her, and then revealed His real identity. Amazed she ran back into the town and told everyone about her encounter with the man who could be the Messiah. As a result many of the townspeople became believers. Suddenly and unexpectedly her life had changed. And if she had been asked to give Him a name she might well have called Him ‘The God who accepts me.’

This is the amazing truth of the love and grace of God. Because of Jesus Christ no one has become too unacceptable to God. Anyone who looks to Jesus Christ and puts their faith and trust in Him as their Saviour and their Lord becomes acceptable to God –no matter what their past has been like. In a glorious and wonderful moment of transformation we become forgiven and cleansed and reborn as the daughter or son of God.

He is the God who accepts you and accepts me right this moment– as we are and with all out past and baggage – and draws us into His great, transforming and eternal love.

In Jesus Christ you are an accepted one – believe it and live it.


O my wonderful Father, my precious Lord Jesus, and life-renewing Holy Spirit, thank You so much for making me acceptable to You – and rejoicing over me. Help me to believe, receive and rejoice in this wonderful truth. Amen.