Come to Me

“Come to me,
all you who are weary and burdened,

and I will give you rest”
(Matthew 11:28)

After looking at the stories of Hagar, the Samaritan woman and the leper let’s summarise the important truths for us today.

  • No one is too insignificant for God to see and to know
  • No one has sinned so much that they are now beyond the love and acceptance of God
  • No one is too contaminated and disgusting for the Lord
  • He will reach out to anyone who wants Him
    • To love and accept them
    • To cleanse them
    • To transform them
    • To guide and help them

Sin comes in many forms

  • It defiles and incapacitates
  • It cause a limit to – and a breakdown in – relationships with God, with others and with ourselves
  • It causes us to feel lonely, rejected, unfulfilled, and in some areas contaminated
  • It can grow progressively worse
  • And there is no human cure for sin or its guilt

But there is the Lord

  • When we despise ourselves – when we are rejected by others – when we feel completely lost and insignificant
    • His hand reaches out to us
    • He touches the untouchable – sees the invisible – loves the unlovable – and forgives the unforgiveable – who turn to Him

Come to Him

  • The God who sees you
  • The God who accepts you
  • The God who reaches out to touch you
  • The God who loves you

And as each of the stories makes clear the Lord is already with you. He doesn’t have to travel from somewhere else. He has already found you. He is already reaching out to you. He is already speaking.


Lord Jesus help me to look away from myself towards You – to be still and acknowledge Your presence – to allow You to look into the very depths of me – and to know the words that You speak.  Take me into Your written word Lord and to Your special revelation for me. Amen.