I have seen the Lord!

“Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news:
“I have seen the Lord!”
(John 20:18)


Mary’s message was electric with meaning.

Christ was risen – and the Light restored to the world. Christ was risen and was in control. Christ was risen and still revealed Himself to individuals. Christ was risen and His purpose would be completed. Christ was risen and His kingdom would be established, in His Way.

Jesus calls each and every one of us today to come to Him. To come out of the dark tombs in which we find ourselves, away from the graves of love and hope, up from the sepulchres of sadness and despair, deserting the vaults of failure and misery. Not only has His stone been rolled away. The stones of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual crypts have been removed as well. It is the risen Christ now who calls to us. He calls us to come to Him so that He, and He alone, can give us life – a life that is not found with or through any other person or thing. Whatever our situation He calls us to put our focus and trust in Him, so that He might enter our lives and lead us forward.

We do not seek Christ now at His death. We do not weep at His grave. We find Him in the everyday gardens of our lives, in the rooms in which we live and the roads along which we travel. The risen Christ is with us. We can speak with Him.

Focus on Him today


Lord, open the eyes of my spirit, more and more and more to Your great and wonderful presence, power and love, In Jesus name. Amen.



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