New Wine


“They have no more wine.”
(John 2:3)

John records this as the first of Jesus miraculous signs – as if to highlight His desire to bless the everyday lives of everyday people.

Jesus, His mother and His disciples were at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Much to the potential humiliation and shame of the couple the wine ran out. Jesus mother approached Him with the news, and then instructed the servants to do whatever Jesus wanted. He told them to fill the water jars with water. Now as important as water was in the lives of the people it was not the stuff of celebration. It was provided at the wedding for ‘ceremonial washing.’ However once the jars had been re-filled they were found to contain splendid wine instead of ordinary water.

So many people feel that their lives are as empty as those wineskins. It’s not that there is nothing there – it’s rather that they are empty of life, light and love, empty of joy, celebration and meaning, of something to which they can look forward. There’s ‘no more wine.’

Mary’s approach and Jesus response tell us where to start. As we come to the Lord with the message that there is ‘no more wine’ in our lives we can be sure that He will act. And what He might well do is to look with us at the ‘ordinary water’ of our daily existence and transform some of it into something special. It’s not that our lives are empty – it’s that what is there needs the Lord.

Bring your emptiness and pain to the Lord. Ask Him for new wine.


Lord Jesus I can feel lost and lonely, worthless and locked in cycles of empty activity. Please give me ‘new wine’ in my life and open my eyes to its presence and loveliness. Amen.



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