My Brother is my Keeper

“The King will reply, `I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for one of the least
of these brothers of mine,
you did for me”
(Matthew 25:40)


Jesus is our Lord, our Saviour and our God. He is also our Shepherd – and our elder brother. He is the Son of God. Through faith in Him we become the (younger) daughters and sons of God.

He showed this relationship in the account of the Prodigal Son. The Father represents God. The younger son who went off and wasted everything is a picture of humankind. The elder brother who stayed at home and will receive everything that the Father has would be Jesus. The unattractive way that He paints himself in the story is a challenge to the religious leaders – confronting them with their mean, critical and legalistic representation of God. He holds it up against Himself – the Son who did not stay at home but came to seek and find His younger ‘brother’ and bring him safely home into the Father’s love and acceptance.

This comes out again in the parable of the Lost Sheep. It is the Shepherd Himself who tracks down the wanderer, finds it and carries it safely back again to where it belongs.

Wherever and however you are Jesus is seeking you, finding you and holding out His hand to lead you in the right direction. He is there as your God, your Saviour, your Lord and your elder brother. His aim is to help you get up again spiritually and to walk with Him into your future here, and into the eternity of the Father’s great love.

He is as close to you as your thoughts – and the air that you breathe.

Pause – and become aware of Him. Rest for a few moments in the knowledge of His presence – and of your relationship with Him. Own it.


Lord Jesus You are here with me now – thank You. You are everything that I could want and need. Thank You for sharing Yourself with me – not just as Lord but as family. Amen.



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